City of Mashhad in northeastern Khorasan province is located. The city of northern Turkmenistan east to the cities of ferns and Torbat, south of the city Freeman, from the West to the city of Neyshabur and the North West Counties Ghochan and Dargazi is limited.
The climate of the city drying and changing. The city has two mountain ranges that include mountain ranges thousand mosques in the North East and Binalud mountain in West and Southwest city
Mashhad city and the outskirts of the central part (Tabadakan), Torghabeh, Ahmedabad, city Kalat Razavi & composed. Mashhad, Khorasan Province, which is the center of the city and to the position of religious, economic, industrial and Tehran after Iran’s second largest city and is densely populated. Mashhad as the Silk Road (between East and West and between North and South Asia and the Indian Ocean spice) is located, can be called the economic capital and the center of the exchanges between continental Asia. Are 892 kilometers Mashhad to Tehran. Height of 985 meters above sea level. Mashhad population due to the privileged position of pilgrimage, tourism, trade, agriculture and semi-industrial and geographical sensitivity and constantly changing and increasing immigration and the population density is difficult to determine. Mashhad and suburban population of about two million tourists annually more than 12 million people are estimated. The geography of tourism, religious places attract travelers and is known as the strongest hub in the city, “Mashhad” is the biggest shrine. Mashhad, was originally a small village called Sanabad in ancient birch was 24 kilometers. What makes creating and villages of this town, shrine and the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) were martyred in the year 203 AH. In the years after Sanabad to “Mashhad Reza” was called. Every year, millions of pilgrims from all over Iran and Islamic countries to visit holy shrines of Imam Reza (AS) overlooking the city, because of the presence on the soil of clear Islamic worship the spirits of Imams and health to clean them. To the presence and relevance of their lives inspired their behavior to adapt their traditions. Astan Quds Razavi of the largest and most magnificent religious sites in Iran and the world is where religion and Islamic art are linked together. The spiritual home, perhaps the artists, their lives to build a minaret or have completed the altar.