Article I – Definitions

A – Reservations: any maintenance and allocation of space (rooms, suites, apartments, etc.), hotel reservation for a specified time is called.

B – The applicant Reservations: someone who visit the place personally or in writing via mail and fax or via the web and save room for the duration specified Web application.

C – acceptor Reservations: hotel manager or his legal representative, which allows for hotel reservations and responsible and authorized to endorse leaf reservation.

D – the reservation: the place where a visiting tourist facilities (stay) Accommodation will include rooms, suites, apartments and … at the request of the applicant indicating the reservation.

– The time and the time of reservation: 15 pm the day of arrival date the guest who started and will continue until 14 pm the day of departure.

to be delivered.

entry and exit and it is listed and has a number and date.

Article II – Conditions of reservation:

A – after the initial request and with advance payment provided by the hotel, the applicant must set deadline, to deposit into a bank account and deposit receipt or bank transfer Hotel attempt to contact the hotel fax.

B – The hotel will be obliged after receiving bank receipt image and making a booking confirmation to remit the amount collected or deposit receipt and provide a confirmed booking guest leaves act.

C – bookings without a down payment or no formal business correspondence is invalid hotels and hotel confirmation will be responsible for it.

Article Three – conditions of admission:

A – visitors must leave the hotel on arrival or bank transfer to your booking confirmation and the receipt provided to the receptionist.

B – along with a photo ID guests and relatives at the time of entry and residence, and ere and regulations is mandatory hotel.

C – Number and class room upon arrival, hotel guests will be determined by the receptionist at the time of booking will be no obligation on the room number and floor.

D – hour room delivery after 15 hours and 14 hours before the hour is evacuated room by guests.

Article IV – conditions Change and cancellation of booking:

A – Change the name of a book written request is accepted and will not be subject to a fee.

B – Changing room availability on the new date, if possible, and will be free of charge. Otherwise, the cancellation of previous bookings and new bookings on both the provisions of the relevant provisions of the same statute
will be .

C – If the deposit after receiving the booking confirmation for any reason reservation be canceled by the applicant, the amount of compensation that should be paid by guests (the amount of the advance payment deducted) will be calculated as follows:

Note – If the number of rooms is reserved more than 5 rooms, the damage from 20 percent to 10 percent Finder
Ranging from 48 hours to 24 hours before entering the room, the amount of 50% of the cost of staying one night per room
24 hours prior to arrival, the amount of 70% of the cost of staying one night per room

Calculated from the amount of the advance payment will be deducted.

E – If the cases of force majeure (natural disasters and events beyond the control and will of the two sides) by the hotel reservation is canceled, funds must be refunded to the passenger identically.

the guests and the entire payment in case of refusal to extradite guests and guest satisfaction According to experts draw.

G – on reservations and in groups, by institutions or travel agencies are done, the contract concluded between the hotel and the per second basis for calculation of the reserve is canceled conditions. In the absence of a contract or cancellation of reservation indicating failure conditions, the provisions of these regulations must be adhered action.
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